Having a seasoned professional share their knowledge, expertise and experience can inspire business owners and senior executives to explore new ideas and strategies to grow their business.

As a business strategy, mentoring can effectively transform a business, boost its performance and facilitate success.

Just as there are different types of business people, there are also different types of mentorship and we can help determine which option suits you best – mentoring that is general in nature or covers a specific need.

Different types of mentorship - General, Remedial, Strategic, Leadership and Leadership

Different types of mentorship

  • General Ideal for business owners and CEOs who need someone to engage with, share ideas, ask questions and receive advice. Our mentors are experienced professionals who can offer a fresh perspective, share strategies and teach mentees how to focus on their goals.
  • Remedial Mentoring that focuses on specific problems or challenges.
  • Strategic Helping functional managers think strategically and, in particular, disruptively so they can challenge the status quo. We show you the power in being the disruptor, not the victim.
  • Leadership Enhance the qualities needed to climb the management ladder and become a leader and dramatically change the profitability of a business
  • High performance culture Learn the techniques needed to create a high performance culture in the workplace and achieve growth, competitiveness and consistent results.

Ask us how the right type of mentoring can help you achieve your goals. Book a free consultation today.

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